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The Digital Linguistic Mentor (DLM) is a revolutionary software-driven language learning laboratory that blends time-tested methodologies with interactive technology to deliver a superb teaching and learning experience.

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The methodology is LSRW or Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing in tandem with appropriate learning materials brought to you through easy-to-use yet state-of-the art information technology that is preprogrammed to run seamlessly across multiple operating systems while making the learning process interactive and enjoyable. DLM is indeed an effective evaluation tool for the mentor and an efficient communication boon for the mentee.

Participation rather than Instruction


The right process of acquiring proficiency in a language is the way we learn our mother tongue. This occurs through the four fundamental steps of Listening, Speaking, Reading and then finally, Writing or the LSRW language learning technique.


Our process of listening begins while still in the mother's womb continuing through our birthday and early formative years where our brain is hammered with constant sounds and usages of our native tongue.


We begin to speak our native language slowly but flawlessly, right from approximately 12 months of age and our vocabulary grows in leaps and bounds in tandem with our biological growth. Once again, this occurs without any formal training as we mentally train ourselves to mimic the speakers around us.


We begin to read, usually at school, which is good. But in a classroom setting, instead of beginning to read in a foreign language after repeated listening and speaking attempts, we often start reading blindlyaping the teacher, a non-native speaker and also without phonetic help to help with the pronunciations, when we start to read.


This is again something we start doing usually when we start school, where especially when being taught a foreign language we are first taught to write the alphabets of that language, then read it out aloud after listening to the non-native teacher reading and explaining the language – that is, almost a reversal of the LSRW methodology which is the fundamental steppingstone to acquiring foreign language skills.

What Our Users Say

Real stories from the people that use our products everyday.

Francis K.A

Principal, Naipunnya Public School, Kakkanad, Kochi

“Digital Lingustic Mentor, 'DLM' is accompanied with practice study materials that students can make use of to improve their communication skills. With the help of this software students can engage in listening, speaking, repeating the cource material and also compare themselves with the native speaker's track. The inhibition in speaking is covered up by using this software. We strongly recommend it to educational institutions for effective communicative skills and for improving the self-confidence level in students.”

Prof. R. Ramakrishna Reddy

Principal, Smt VHD Central Institute of Home Science College, Bangalore

“Our institution has implemented One Mentor console and 30 Mentee consoles. This software is accompanied with study materials for students to practice the art of communication. Students use this facility to engross in listening, speaking, reading, writing and also repeating and comparing their recorded sounds with the native speakers sound to improve communication skills. The inhibition of speaking in public is covered up by using this software. Students are able to learn at their own pace.”

Rev. Fr.M.Stanley

Correspondent, Bishop Remigius School CBSE, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu

“Rose Mary Ideal Public (CBSE) Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, here by certify that we are using Digital Lingustic Mentor 'DLM' Software for our Language Lab, supplied by Thaliyola Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The Advanced Digital Language Software is accompanied with skills developing study materials for students. This facility impacts more knowledge and helps students to identify their error in speaking by comparing their communication skills. We recommend this software strongly to other institutions for effective communication and good oratory skills.

Joanita. J.R

Principal, Rose Mary Ideal Public School, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

The results with DLM were outstanding!

Dr. Vrinda. V

Associate Professor, Department of English, D.B.College, Sasthamcotta, Kollam.

The results with DLM were outstanding!


Govt. Polytechnic College, Meppadi

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