Management Benefits

Cost Effective

The language lab is truly cost-effective as it easily runs on any network of computers, which means it can be installed right away on any existing network of computers.

Customizable / Content Library

Fully equipped with a vast database of 100% complimentary learning resources to which any multimedia content as the teacher deems appropriate can be added.

Perpetual License

The software license is perpetual, which means it is a lifetime license and requires only a minimal one-time investment. It offers fantastic value-for-money.

100% Service Free Software

Training at the time of installation and delivery, as well as 24/7 after-sales support, is 100% free in the first year. Reasonable AMC packages can be opted to for the subsequent years.

DLM Works

It enhances the communication skills of your students making them instantly more attractive to potential campus recruiters which in turn enhances the institutional image many fold.