Effective Content Library

The teacher can assign individual lessons according to student needs in groups and/or individually, without holding-up the entire class, as well as monitor student progress personally, while bringing them up to speed with the rest of the class effortlessly and in absolute privacy.

Complete Control

Teachers can monitor incognito, control, deliver, group, display, review as well as assign lessons, check & give feedback in real-time and assign web based multimedia content.

Individual Attention

It provides equal opportunity to all the students to hear the instructor irrespective of place where they are seated. There will be less miscommunication because of direct nature of the sound transmission. It also provides the privacy that encourages the shy students to speak without any hesitation.

Fun way

Efficient use of time and learning efficiency is much more than usual classroom learning. This set up fosters more interactive session between students and teacher. The language lab brings variety to the teaching and learning process far removed from the boring verbal-centric classroom methodology. The teacher can easily provide feedback based on individual student pace and ability.

Lesson Studio

With the Lesson Maker function of the lab, the teacher can develop his/her customized content for the class. Appropriated learning materials can also be effortlessly downloaded from resources such as the internet and soft encyclopedias and books and assigned to students instantly.