Student Benefits

Absolute Privacy

Communicate with the teacher anytime in absolute privacy without having to raise his/her hand drawing the attention of the entire class each time they need help.


It develops the listening and communication skills, since students hear correct pronunciation through their headphones from native speakers. Students are motivated to talk freely and uninhibitedly with their peers and elders. There is more excitement and enthusiasm for the learning process.

Better Retention

User-friendly and fun to use, this set up fosters more interactive session between students and teacher. Focus and attention on the subject is substantially increased resulting in better retention and understanding language nuances.

Instant Result

Instant exercise results and graphical comparisons of speech make the learning process enjoyable, fun and captivating while helping grow their understanding of foreign cultures and traditions as apparent as visiting those nations.


The primary form of linguistic communication is speech and so listening is the most important receptive (and learning) skill for foreign language students. An ability to listen and interpret many shades of meaning from what is heard, is a fundamental communicative ability.